There is something about the psyche of a serial killer that has always intrigued me. What is it that makes one desire to take the life of another human being? Is it truly evil? Is it a psychological problem? Is it a flaw in the chemical balances in the brain? One thing for sure, it is beyond the normality to commit murder over and over, and there is a darkness about it that even the innocent fear could be within them.

Many people will not even read a book about serial killers. There seems to be a fear that by reading about it, we may open up some desire to murder that is hidden deep within us. If you tell someone you have a book on Serial Killers, they will often look at you askew, as if wondering what darkness you are hiding. But there is something about Serial Killers that intrigues most of us, even if we will not admit to it. That is why so many will watch horror movies and read books about murders. It's almost as if reading about fictional killings is okay, but true Serial Killers is not.

Oct 19, 2010

Jeffrey Dahmer

Name: Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Born: May 21, 1960 (Wisconsin)

Died: November 28, 1994

Cause and Effect:
There seems to be no true explanation as to why Dahmer turned to killing and cannibalism. Other than his parents arguing a lot, his home life was by all apparent reasons, normal. At a young age he simply began to become fascinated by dead animals. As a teen he began to ride around on his bike, looking for road kill to dismember.

The Killing:
During the summer of 1978, Dahmer's parents went through a divorce and as he was about to graduate, they both moved out of the house and left Jeffrey there alone. His response was to go out and pick up a hitch hiker, Stephen Hicks, take him home and have sex with him. When the Hicks tried to leave, Dahmer picked up a bar bell and hit him in the head then strangled him to death. Jeffrey then dismembered the corpse and buried it nearby.

Jeffrey had become an alcoholic and trying to stop it, his Father forced him to enlist in the Army in 1979 at the age of 18. His army life did not last however as he was discharged for habitual drunkenness. Jeffrey then moved in to his grandmother's basement. In 1982, Dahmer was arrested for indecent exposure and then again in 1986. The second time, he was ordered to counseling. However, the counseling did not help as the next year he went out and killed three people.

The first of those victims was Steven Tuomi, who he met in a gay bar. He murdered Tuomi in a hotel, put the body in a suitcase, then took it home. At home he had sex with the body then dismembered it. The next victim was James Doxtator, a 14 year old Native American boy. The third was a Mexican youth by the name of Richard Guerrero. Dahmer's grandmother could no longer stand his drunkenness nor the strong smells coming from his living quarters and evicted him.

In 1988, Jeffrey Dahmer moved into his own flat in Milwaukee. The next day after moving in, he lured a 13 year old Loation boy to his place and paid the boy to let him photograph him nude. Dahmer drugged the boy and fondled him, but did not harm him physically. The boy's parents turned Dahmer in and he was sentenced to one year in prison for sexual assault. While Dahmer was waiting for his sentencing date however, he killed Anthony Sears.

Final Killing Spree:
After 10 months in prison, Dahmer was released and he went on to kill some more. Between June of 1990 and July of 1991, Dahmer killed 12 more men. In the end he was killing nearly a victim per week and his treatment of them became stranger as he went. Dahmer would drill holes into his victims heads and pour acid into them. Jeffrey would place some body parts in his refrigerator and their skulls on an altar in his bedroom.

One of the more bizarre stories is the killing of Konerak Sinthasomphone, who was the brother of the Loation boy Dahmer had molested. After being drugged, Konerak was able to escape from Dahmer's home and ran outside where two young African American women found him and called the police. However, Dahmer was able to convince the police officers that the drugged and bleeding Konerak was his boyfriend and the officers released Konerak back into Dahmer's possession. Dahmer took Konerak home and murdered him. Dahmer went on to kill his last four victims inside of the next few weeks.

An End to the Killings:
On July 22, 1991, Tracy Edwards, and adult black man escaped Dahmer's apartment and waved down a police car. Taking the officers back to the apartment, they found a human head in the refrigerator. By August 22, Dahmer was charged with 15 counts of murder and in 1992 he was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences.

Death of the Killer:
In prison, Jeffrey Dahmer refused to be placed in solitary confinement. In 1994, an inmate smashed Dahmer's skull with an iron bar and killed him.


  1. i think that jefferey dahmer seriously need him help and for the authorities to let him manipulate them the way he did was ridiculous theey could have saved all those peoples lives if they would haave put him away sooner.

  2. Love the blog, I am writing a book about a serial killer. If you are interested in reading, please follow my blog and leave comments. The foreword is on my site already -ty, Bridgett *oh and I'm following your blog as well*

  3. Hi,
    I am watching The Story of Jeffery Dahmer on youtube.
    Q: was Jefferys Dahmer his father sex object & from infancy or earily childhood ?
    This would explain Jefferys dissosociation from life - when children / people for that matter are raped they freeze - their brains disconnects from reality - to escape the terror - your brain actually takes you away to save your life & it keeps you from FEELING AND REMEMBERING or you would die.

  4. Maybe Jeffery was so traumatised that he did not remember - he was totally helpless 7 at his fathers mercy all his life & so as to keep him safe & alive his brain switched it off & locked it all into a safe & inpenatrable place forever.
    This happens all the time & still today - but there is no way Jeffery could feel - how - just in case something escaped & hurt or even worse, killed him.
    The mind is a very powerful instrument.